Passion Exotique was created in 2022 with the desire to share a passion for exotic, rare and common ornamental plants. I wanted to share my findings with other passionate amateur and experienced horticulturists. Possessing an import permit, I can find for you a particular plant that you want and import it.

On a more personal note, I have always been passionate about plants. From an early age, I grew plants. Whether in my vegetable garden, where my mother had to spend several hours with me turning over soil and weeding, in my greenhouse created with leftover materials found here and there, and in the house with my more exotic plants. The desire to find the plant that is always more original than the last and to try to grow a specimen that is out of the ordinary has always turned me on. It is therefore in this perspective that Passion Exotique was born.

The important thing is that everyone can cultivate their happiness!